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Welcome to iLoveJouvert!

Over the years our J'ouvert production has evolved into THE ULTIMATE J'ouvert morning experience for T&T Carnival. For Carnival 2015 we're producing iLoveJouvert, check out the details below. For more info on iLoveJouvert please click here.

Date: Monday 16th February, 2015
Time: 2am to 9am
Venue: POS (Next to National Stadium)
Includes:      » iLoveJouvert Gear
        (Ladies Baby-T | Guys Tees)
    » Secure Parking
Pre-Party (2am - 4am)
    » Secure Venue
    » Fully Stocked PREMIUM Bars
    » Live Entertainment
    » + Much More
Party On De Road (4am - 8am)
    » Tight Security
    » Two 40ft Music Trucks
    » Paint, Water, Powder
    » + Much More
Cooldown (8am - 9am)
    » Premium Drinks
    » Local Breakfast
    » Sober Zone and Showers
    » + Much More
Cost:  600TT | 98US
* Click Here to Register
Date: Friday 13th February, 2015
Time: 2pm to 10pm
Venue: Pier 1
Includes:  PREMIUM Drinks
    » Flavours of Ciroc
    » Hennessy Cognac
    » Johnnie Walker Black
    » Patron Silver
    » Patron XO Cafe
    » Baileys Irish Cream
    » Malibu Coconut Rum
    » Cocktails & Martinis
    » ...and much more!
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